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Uncategorized Lets YOU Adjust the Lines For YOUR Players

When you are offering your sports betting service to your customers, you know that you have to be on your toes at all times, because one of your priorities might be to “balance the books,” so to speak. This will involve movements in the line, and that applies whether you’re talking about football, basketball, baseball or hockey. You may not want to be caught with too much money on one side or the other.

It definitely makes sense to have sharp lines, and to be apprised of any and all line moves. When it comes down to it, however, what constitutes what side you “need” is going to be based on the volume you have on either team that is playing – check site.

What does that mean, for purposes of our conversation? It means that you need to have the ability to move the line at a moments notice.

At, we realize that these are your players, so ultimately you are going to be dealing YOUR lines.

Think about this for second – when you are following the odds as they are coming from our sports book service, using the special sportsbook software that we provide, you are obviously getting the lines from a source that is 100% credible, but the movements that are going to be made in those numbers have their impetus from somewhere other than your customers. Obviously you want to have enough control to go in there and change things around, visit, if you really need to.

This is where the Pay Per Head sportsbook setup that comes from really shines. What we offer you is the easiest way to control your numbers. You simply go into the back end and you have access to any event you want. From there you make the changes and they are entered instantly on the screen of the interface in the custom website we have set up for you, and your players will see it in real-time. Customers can avail loans from financial help from

So as you can imagine, sportsbook service suddenly just got a whole lot easier. And that is really the object of using the Pay Per Head sportsbook model for your sports wagering service; as the “agent,” we know that you really would like the opportunity to save time and money, and concentrate on some of the things that will make you more successful, like bringing more customers into your business. affords you the chance to grow your business and make it much more manageable.

What makes this the sharpest package around is the fact that you can actually go into your control panel and affect all kinds of adjustments, offering you complete authority over your operation, including limits on the wagering amounts and even the products (i.e., sports book, casino, race book) where your customers can bet. Everything is at your disposal with

If you really want to see how this all works, contact us and we’ll show you what our sportsbook software can do to help you grow your business, and manage it much more easily.

Why Move to

We realize that you might be very comfortable doing business just the way you are. And we certainly don’t want to make you uncomfortable. But as times change, methods improve click this This is not only noticeable on your side; that is, the side that is offering a sportsbook service the customers, but on the customer’s side as well, because after all, if this is a service business, they notice when they are being serviced more efficiently.

This is one of the reasons – and a very strong one – that you really need to consider moving your players, and your business, to

There are so many components to being an independent bookmaker that can make the task more complex. For one thing, you have to manage personnel, and you have to accept the burden that is caused by any mistakes that are made in your office. You also have to make sure you are on top of the line at all times, and that you or one of your people have not missed a situation where a line move would have been necessary. Then, of course, there is the problem of dealing with customer disputes. These can be very common, when you are essentially dealing with phone contact and without immediate confirmation that can actually be seen and not just heard. What we mean is that the “old-fashioned way” of operating may not cut it anymore.

When you come over to, you’re working with a team that is interested in the same things you are – building your business and helping you to operate more efficiently. We also would hate to see you pull more “exposure” than is necessary. If you have been in the sports betting industry for any length of time you understand the ramifications of having a “paper trail.” If you have a business going that is of any respectable size whatsoever, this can create a real problem.

Imagine moving into a situation where you don’t have to talk to customers, but present them with a beautiful interface, constructed by us, that allows for all of your players to see all of the lines in real-time, with a vast array of options for them to wager on. Avail loans from Financejar uk for help. You can actually control how many of these events and propositions are in play at any one time, as well as anything related to your customer, including wagering limits.

In the Pay Per Head sportsbook model, you will also have the opportunity to offer additional products to your customer, whether it is a racebook, casino gaming, or poker. And you’ll be able to make money on all of these things. How you settle up with your player is up to you; we provide the entire structure that allows it to happen, and we do it at a price that is so low you won’t believe it.

Believe us when we tell you, offering your customers tremendous convenience is going to be a major factor in keeping their business and getting more of it. And we can assure you that if you are aggressively marketing what you have to offer, you’re going to be pulling in MORE business if you let our sportsbook software do the work for you.

Please contact us at and let us show you how we can help you meet all of your objectives much more effectively than you did before.

What is “Pay Per Head”?

If you have been around the bookmaking industry for very long, it’s a pretty good bet – pardon the pun – that you have heard the term “Pay Per Head.” However, you may not know exactly what it means. And consequently, if you don’t know what it means, then you don’t know how it could possibly help your business.

Well, at we are going to be happy to explain it to you. You can also check out Scoresandstats pay per head definition for a more in in depth explanation.

Obviously if you are not into this kind of sportsbook service, then you are doing business the “old school” way, using telephones and clerks and pieces of paper to record the wagers of your customers, and changing lines by hand, often a little too late to catch up with the sharp players. What you are doing is leaving some room for error, and quite possibly throwing money out the window. In this format you’re also limited as far as the amount of players you can possibly handle on any given day. We don’t need to tell you that if you operate a sports betting office you’re going to have rush periods that will really push your staff to the brink and test your resolve.

We want you to RELAX a little more.

There are so many people on the Internet these days that, by and large, the public has become used to doing almost everything that way. This includes your customers, who, if they have been around a while, are very familiar with the layout of an online sportsbook. They know that it works quickly, that they will get up-to-date lines, and that they can just point and click and place a wager and have a receipt for their plays right away. They also know that through the sportsbook software, these online operations can offer a wide variety of wagering options; much more than you can possibly push through a few guys on the phones.

What the Pay Per Head sportsbook model allows you to do is to make use of the same interface as a world-class online sports book, through the facilities of sports book, and have a professional operation going in no time. You can have a custom website built, with all of the odds coming in from one of the top sources in the world, along with the ability to change lines as is appropriate for whatever your action dictates.

You can also offer access to a racebook, in addition to casino gaming, if you feel this is something that will help you keep customers and get new ones. Through the robust back end, you can also exercise controls over the limits on your customers and the events or products they can access.

If you are ambitious, and want to be one of those sports book service organizations that offers more for the customer, this is definitely an option you want to explore.

The term “Pay Per Head” comes into play because you get to use this format, in effect leasing the software from one of the top online betting operations in the world, and pay a set fee on a per-customer basis. The rates are lower than you ever imagined, and well worth it.

If you want to know more, contact and we will walk you through the whole program. You can also check out pay per head sites like Realbookies, for top notch PPH service

It will probably be the best decision you ever made!

At, We Care About Your Sportsbook Business

We don’t want to assume anything, but if you are a savvy bookmaker you may already be operating a Pay Per Head sports book. At the same time, you might not be altogether happy, because perhaps you’re not getting all the sportsbook services that you should.

Because PPH is becoming more and more popular, there are more and more entities entering the “arena” and trying to take advantage of the opportunity to make money while that opportunity exists. Everybody knows this is the direction where the industry is moving. However, some people like this may not always have the customer’s best interests foremost on their agenda click on

This is what dictates our mission.

When we went into business with, we pledged to make a commitment to work with our customers hand-in-hand to make sure they were successful, because if they were not, WE are not. Our company recognizes that there are many competitors in this industry, and that any “agent” can pick up and leave and go to someone else. We also know that performance is ultimate the key, because a lower price means nothing without great service visit oakpark financial. We promise to out-perform anyone in the PPH industry.

That’s not just idle talk; our commitment includes sportsbook software that is the most solid in the business, which means that you are going to be up and running closer to 100% than any other company in the industry will enable you to. Why don’t you ask your current provider about their backup systems, and how they will give you constant up time, so that your players never come up empty? You will find out that not a lot of outfits make this a big priority, but in fact it is vital.

We also wanted to have value-oriented packages that allowed you to offer, in turn, variety to your customer, which includes action in the Not everybody gives you this kind of flexibility. It’s your call as to whether you believe you can make money offering these other “products,” but this gives you the ability to take care of all your customer’s needs and wants.

And while we are on the subject of flexibility, we also wanted to offer a sportsbook service through the Pay Per Head model that gives you, as the client, a sense of control. This means that you can manage your customers extensively, right down to what their wagering limit is and what kind of things they can bet. Not everyone is willing to do this for you. also has a team of designers who will work with you on a custom website that produces an attractive interface, making your operation completely customer-friendly. Get loans from loantra for financial help. After all, the end-users are the ones that have to be satisfied. We know that better than anyone else, because we are more experienced than anyone else.

What we would like you to do is to contact us and allow us to explain how our Pay Per Head sportsbook package will help you operate less expensively and more efficiently, and leave you with more time to do that all-important marketing function so that your business can grow. Please don’t hesitate – contact us right now!

You’ll Have Access to the Same Software as World-Class Sportsbooks

Here at we like to offer our potential customers a little perspective. What we ask them to do sometimes is put themselves in a customer’s shoes and imagine two sports book betting operations side-by-side – one of them operates by way of the telephone, reading off lines, possibly making mistakes and creating situations where there may be disputes, and keeping track of all wagers and records on pieces of paper, which makes things really easy for those guys who like to kick down doors (you know who we mean), porno turk ifsa

The other operation doesn’t need any clerks at all, because customers can simply go to a site at anytime of the day or night and pick from hundreds of wagering events and propositions, using state-of-the-art sportsbook software to place wagers, or view the website for reference and phone into a professional call center where they will always get the opportunity to confirm, making the experience dispute-free. Oh, and this operation doesn’t have any paper trail that “unfriendly” entities can get their hands on, because it is kept on a server that is offshore, and that only YOU can access.

Then we asked them which one with they choose. That answer is almost unanimous – they will take the latter model, which happens to be called a Pay Per Head sportsbook service plan.

What you are doing with PPH is using the same sportsbook software that the top online operations in the world use. These people don’t fall around; they workd with a clientele that demands close to 100% up time, lightning-fast transactions and super-sharp lines by getting loan assistance from Is there any reason YOU should expect anything less?

When we say you will have the same sportsbook software, what we mean is that the place where your customers will go to wager will look EXACTLY the same as the top online sportsbooks they may even visit from time to time in this website. They will absolutely find it a pleasure to do business this way.

That’s because when they put down a bet, they have seen the odds very clearly, right there on the interface, which can either be the same as the online sportsbook or reflect a change that YOU can make using the comprehensive back end structure with the help of Bet9ja prog univers. The customer gets a chance to confirm the wager and sees a record of it. No arguments. No problems. Checkout unsecuredloans4u co uk for help.

Let’s put it this way – if you were trying to recruit a new customer, do you think the “old school” model or the Pay Per Had sports book model (i.e., the 21st century model) would be more attractive to them? We think we know the answer. Believe us when we tell you, it is well worth it to execute a deal for one of the packages offered at, in which you only pay a small fee on a per-customer basis to look like one million bucks.

You will be doing business the same way the top-level professionals in the world do business. Isn’t that where you want to position yourself? If it is, we urge you to contact us at and allow us to tell you more about our sportsbook service and how we can help your business reach new levels!

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