What is “Pay Per Head”?

If you have been around the bookmaking industry for very long, it’s a pretty good bet – pardon the pun – that you have heard the term “Pay Per Head.” However, you may not know exactly what it means. And consequently, if you don’t know what it means, then you don’t know how it could possibly help your business.

Well, at sportsbookbuilders.com we are going to be happy to explain it to you. You can also check out Scoresandstats pay per head definition for a more in in depth explanation.

Obviously if you are not into this kind of sportsbook service, then you are doing business the “old school” way, using telephones and clerks and pieces of paper to record the wagers of your customers, and changing lines by hand, often a little too late to catch up with the sharp players. What you are doing is leaving some room for error, and quite possibly throwing money out the window. In this format you’re also limited as far as the amount of players you can possibly handle on any given day. We don’t need to tell you that if you operate a sports betting office you’re going to have rush periods that will really push your staff to the brink and test your resolve.

We want you to RELAX a little more.

There are so many people on the Internet these days that, by and large, the public has become used to doing almost everything that way. This includes your customers, who, if they have been around a while, are very familiar with the layout of an online sportsbook. They know that it works quickly, that they will get up-to-date lines, and that they can just point and click and place a wager and have a receipt for their plays right away. They also know that through the sportsbook software, these online operations can offer a wide variety of wagering options; much more than you can possibly push through a few guys on the phones.

What the Pay Per Head sportsbook model allows you to do is to make use of the same interface as a world-class online sports book, through the facilities of sports book builders.com, and have a professional operation going in no time. You can have a custom website built, with all of the odds coming in from one of the top sources in the world, along with the ability to change lines as is appropriate for whatever your action dictates.

You can also offer access to a racebook, in addition to casino gaming, if you feel this is something that will help you keep customers and get new ones. Through the robust back end, you can also exercise controls over the limits on your customers and the events or products they can access.

If you are ambitious, and want to be one of those sports book service organizations that offers more for the customer, this is definitely an option you want to explore.

The term “Pay Per Head” comes into play because you get to use this format, in effect leasing the software from one of the top online betting operations in the world, and pay a set fee on a per-customer basis. The rates are lower than you ever imagined, and well worth it.

If you want to know more, contact Sportsbookbuilders.com and we will walk you through the whole program. You can also check out pay per head sites like Realbookies, 247pph.com for top notch PPH service

It will probably be the best decision you ever made!

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